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'Stormy Weather' my all time favorite, has amazing singing & dancing and a romantic love story <3 Perfect movie for a lazy stormy day!


Color chart for temperature afghan | is the place for historical weather records. | From FB post: you can do anything you want with it and you can go back to the first of this year if you want....this is the site i use...plug in your city and state and month and year and you get a weather history...i intend on making blankets for each of my kids covering the 9 months i carried them.


Average number of tornadoes annually by US State.


Hurricane Carla, the first Category 5 hurricane of the 1961 season, hitting Galveston, Texas (as a Category 4 hurricane) on September 11, 1961.


The iconic film Stormy Weather (1943), [loosely based on Robinson's own life], follows a soldier coming home from war who wants to start a life as a performer. This 20th Century Fox production was one of the first nationally successful Hollywood films that featured an African-American cast. Stormy Weather was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry [Image: Bill Robinson, Lena Horne and Cab Calloway, 1943]


Everything you need to know to have an awesome first day in Athens!!! Athens is definitely one of the best European cities: it's got great weather, great food, great locals, fascinating history. If you want it all, head to Greece! Via @travellingweas


Diary of a sailor who retrieved bodies of Titanic victims from the ocean. Fine weather started to pick up bodies at six a.m. and continued all day till five thirty P.M. Recovered fifty one bodies, forty six men four women and one baby. Burried twenty four men at sea at eight fifteen P.M. Rev Canon Hinds in attendance also Ships Company. Bodies in good state but badly bruised by being knocked about in the water.