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This is a kindergarten activity but this could be part of a different take home kit, included with a disposable camera. They could take pictures of what they do with their friends and families during different types of weather and then write a story about one of the pictures. They could even create a photo essay about their favorite activity to do in that particular weather.


This is a chart that I have seen in my mentor's classroom. This is an activity that the teachers can ask the students by placing a sun, cloud, rain, or snow on the correct day. The students can answer which weather has occurred the most.


Of course, when talking about weather, it's necessary to talk about different ways to measure weather in order to incorporate math into the unit. I think it would be fun for the students to create their own thermometer (as shown in a different pin) or their own rain guage. Those are both cheap yet creative ideas.


We have created some new pages about the weather, the temperature and also about idioms to do with the weather. Our vocabulary page about the weather in general includes the different types of rain...