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My Weather Report

Young Meteorologist Requirement #8: Watch TV or online weather forecast for a week. Make a table of the weather forecasted and what the actual weather turned out to be. Was the weather person always able to forecast the coming conditions.


Weather Station Weather Belt Loop Cub Scouts-link takes you to TPT website and then you have to look up the free "weather chart."


This simple idea would be useful to connect the weather processes taught in our unit to real world weather observations. Students would be able to apply what they have learned from our unit when observing the weather they experience daily


Weekly Temperature Tracking Printable

Registrar la temperatura. Sirve para unidades de medida, relacionar conceptos matemáticos y naturaleza por dar algunos ejemplos.


Make Your Own Barometer! One way you can predict the weather is by using a barometer. Barometers measure the air pressure around you. Keep track of the air pressure, and see what kind of weather happens the next day. After some practice, you might be able to make your own forecasts!