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Weather Underground Chicago

The Pedway: underground passages for getting around in the downtown 'Loop' in inclimate weather or when foot traffic too heavy above ground.

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Bill Ayers Mugshot..Bill Ayers..OBAMA`S BUDDY USED THESE SAME TYPE of bombs with his "WEATHER UNDERGROUND ORGANIZATION" in the 1970`s

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Bernardine Dohrn - Leader of terrorist group known as The Weather Underground - wife of Chicago-based terrorist Bill Ayers.

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Weather Underground splits from SDS in Chicago and begins "Days of Rage" protests

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Rev Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor in Chicago for 25 years who famously said "God Damn America" and Bill Ayers, former Weather Underground bomber of the 60's, radical liberal to this day, idol of B Hussein Obama. Rev Jerry and Bill are dedicated to obliterating the US.

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