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Weaving Projects

8 hours ago

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Great illustration on how to finish a weaving project with the hem stitch...

DIY on a wonderful weaving project for kids and grown-ups… I can’t wait to try it!

Make It... a Wonderful Life: kid's art- CD weavings would love to do a whole grade level or 2 of this

Wee Weaving | 18 Miniature Craft Projects That Will Melt Your Heart

Don't throw away those old T-shirts! #Upcycle them into yarn and #weave them into a colorful rug with this free #weaving project!

DIY Weaving Project

This weaving project doesn't require any special materials or skills and is fun for kids and adults alike. This is a guide about circle weaving.

★ Weaving Tutorials for Beginners & Kids | Loom Techniques, Lessons and Craft Projects ★

How-to dry and process cattail leaves for later use in weaving cattail rush chair seats and baskets.

craftophilia: PROJECT REPORT 2 - Circular Weaving

Cup weaving. We did this when I student taught on a Navajo unit, and it took forever, but the kids LOVED it. Fourth Grade friends?

Woven tree hanging LOVE this idea to do a tree for each season LOVE!!

CD Weaving! What an awesome craft for kids and a great way to use up old cds and yarn.

This is a great idea for any small-sized weaving project - all you need is cardboard, needle, pencil, and scrap thread! The sky's the limit here. I would love to make some badges using this idea.

3D Weaving project from kidsartists.blogs...

Looking for different paper weaving patterns. The Origami Resource Center offers some very cool projects!

9 Adorable DIY Projects Sure to Put a Smile on Your Face | Apartment Therapy ewhharr mewwwwrrr gewarddssss

Cheap beater Projects from "Rigid Heddle Weaving: Beyond the Basics"

"An August Walk in the Woods" Woven Wall Hanging ~ Grace Mahoney Weaving with wire, buttons and beads.

HOW TO cut continuous t-shirt yarn - T-shirt yarn (tarn) is quick and easy to make. It can be used in an endless array of projects. Try to using it in crochet, weaving a bath matt, or making a trendy scarf. I’ve used it to create a macrame throw. See

Ruth's weaving projects pebble bag

Straw weaving. This is fun. I did this with all my fifth grade classes this past school year. They loved it! Sucking the yarn through the straws got a lot of giggles! :) Easy project! "Over, under, over, under...go around & do the same thing again on the other side!" Tip: Don't get the straws that bend at the top! Good idea for basic preposition craft.

Circular Cardboard Weaving, one of my favorite weaving projects for kids

Free Hand Weaving Projects for Beginners: Simple, Elegant, and Colorful Handwoven Placemats and Handwoven Towels

Weaving with a hulla hoop I'm sure many fabrics could be upcycled for this project.