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rinne and weber test

Conductive vs. Sensorineural Hearing Loss... Rinne's Test = Tuning fork on the mastoid process... Rinne's test should have AC > BC with vibration still heard after movement around to the front... Weber's Test = tuning fork at the forehead with equal sounds heard bilaterally... Weber's will lateralize to the affected ear in Conductive and the unaffected ear in Sensorineural


“Yin and Yang. Peaceful, balance, beautiful... When opposite gives the most beautiful of it . Love this picture of Jade and julia. So lucky to be there for…”


From prep to charcoal to wood chips, see how to smoke a whole turkey on a charcoal grill in this visual, step-by-step Weber Grill Skills guide.


The Kraus-Weber Test of Minimum Muscular Fitness has six components. This test measures several large muscle groups for flexibility and strength.

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