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#BuildandMaintainYourWebsite #ResponsiveWebDesign Build and Maintain Your Website -There are multiple ways unscrupulous people can use to try to reduce your rankings. The most common type of negative SEO is adding potential harmful backlinks to your site.

yoox homepage - search bar - functionality nov 15th 2016

Showing the difficulty behind maintaining a website

It's not just about developing the perfect website, it's also about maintaining it!

Frequent content updates can add credibility to your website.We can take care of website maintenance for you, so that you don't have to worry about keeping your site well maintained and optimized. Email us:

Means checking in before your site crashes.

from Erin E Flynn

Website maintenance for designers

Regardless of whether you wanna offer website maintenance as a service — and even if you wanna hire out your own maintenance to a developer! — there are a few things you should know as a designer, so you can either DIY or make sure your developer is doing her job. Click through to learn about website maintenance for designers!