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My favorite fence of all time! Can grow vines on it + make it disappear completely or just in a few places. It eventualy rusts but looks even better b/c it's MORE rustic. On concrete retaining wall it looks like?


Cedar fence with pressure treated posts and 3 ft welded wire sandwiched between 1x4s along the top and 1x2s along the sides of the panels. WoodRx ultra stain, walnut color. Post caps from Home Depot.


Good instructions on how to put up a horse fence. Be sure to get WOVEN wire aka field or horse fence-it is stronger than WELDED wire ) .I would also top this fence with one "hot" wire across the top to electrify it. You need wood anchor corner posts, (4x4 or 6x6) on the ends and "in line" every 30-50 feet mounted in concrete & at least 4 feet in ground or to the frostline. T-posts every 10 feet.


The gate consists of a small piece of welded wire fabric. It is attached to one of the t-posts with cable ties. The other side is attached to a garden stake which is held closed with a piece of velcro


Euro fence is a kind of high welded mesh, of PVC coated galvanized wire, with sharp spines on the top. The design of wave shape of the wire makes the fencing more beautiful. Euro fence is both beautiful and firm.


Wire fence for my backyard this is what I have been looking for. A fence you can see through and still looks nice.