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Welding cable is the electrical conductor for the welding existing. It includes a series of alright copper hairs wrapped inside a non-conductive, resilient jacket. The great copper hairs provide welding cable more versatility than other types of electrical conductors and the insulating jacket is created to hold up to repeated motion over rough surfaces. As the existing level increases, the size of the welding cable and resulting cross sectional area of the copper stranding have to increase.


Coleman Cable 104170608 600-Volt 3/0GA 1000-Foot Copper Welding Cable, Black by Coleman Cable. $5187.43. Coleman Cable 104170608 Copper Welding Cable, 600-Volt, Black, 3/0GA, 1000-Foot. 1000-foot spool of wire. Copper Welding Cable, 600-Volt with EPR Jacket, AWG size: 3/0GA. Solid bare copper conductors. Ethylene Propylene Tear Resistant Rubber Jacket. Greater temperature range than a typical welding cable. Welding Cables are ozone, sun, weather, and chemical resistant. 3/0GA...

4 AWG Welding Cable, 250Ft, Black by Carol. $461.98. Welding CableRope-lay stranded copper conductors have 30-ga. stranding for strength and flexibility.Temp. range: -40° to 194°FEPDM rubber insulationBlack, abrasion-resistant Carolprene jacketSpark tested for 600VNote: Do not use for in-line voltages, which could be hazardous. Designed for use with secondary voltages.Welding Cable, Spool/Carton Length 250 Ft, Stranding 374/30, Conductor Size 4 AWG, Max Amps 100, M...

Power on the go - three 27 series 12 volt 115ah batteries in parallel, 3f Cap, 0/1 welding cable, two 150 amp breakers, one battery kill switch, genius 30 amp 3 battery/bank smart charger, 1500 watt pure sine inverter all in a fatmax toolbox on wheels.