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Well hendrix

Jan Hendrix. LO, 2008. Scrap aluminum lacquered in white Photo: Luis Fernando Ceballos. Jan Hendrix, a Dutch artist who has resided in Mexico since 1978. Installed in the spacious main exhibition space of Centro Cultural Clavijero in Morelia, Michoacán, the exhibition includes around 250 works, engravings, photographs, drawings, as well as works in metal and aluminum.

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As well as being a iconic guitar player (and he'd just gotten started!) he was quite the dresser and many of his outfits were hippyish, yes, but they transcended that too and could be considered fashionable NOW. He was creative in every respect.

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Après l'exposition de Nirvana un autre artiste local est souvent présent au MoPOP Jimi Hendrix. Ici sa guitare qu'il a utilisé à Woodstock en 1969. Elle ferait parti de la collection privée de Paul Allen (qui a créé le MoPOP) depuis 1998. Malgré ce que tout le monde pense Jimi Hendrix n'est ni de San Francisco ni d'Angleterre mais de Seattle WA où il est né en 1942 et a grandit. After the Nirvana exhibit another local artist is well represented in the @mopopseattle Jimi Hendrix. Here is…

Is there anything remotely realistic about this spaceship? posed that question to several space travel experts, as well as Guy Hendrix Dyas, the film's production designer. Dyas looked at the history of movie spaceships (including the vehicles from the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" universes) in his quest to come up with something unique for the new film.

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when the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know true peace

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I never know if these quotes are actually from the people they say they're from. But I like this one.

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