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Welsh Hounds

Before a brick wall, six dogs.

In Welsh mythology and folklore, Cŵn Annwn were the spectral hounds of Annwn, the otherworld of Welsh myth. They were associated with a form of the Wild Hunt, presided over by Arawn, king of Annwn. They are often depicted as white with red ears.


Mesa, AZ - Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Basset Hound Mix. Meet A3710694, a dog for adoption.


This is a questioning color. It is a Buckskin, but doesn't look like a Roan. May have a White Cap (a Blanket without spots) or white ticking.


Gwyllgi Welsh Mythology Think of this creature as the faerie dog’s demonic, scarier, and darker cousin. All of Britain has legends of black dogs that portend certain doom, but Wales has one with a much better title—the dog of darkness. As with all scary, black, ethereal dogs, they are said to haunt lonely country roads and scare the living daylights out of travellers. The dog’s appearance is said to be a dark omen.


Mesa, AZ - Pembroke Welsh Corgi/Basset Hound Mix. Meet SPUMONI, a dog for adoption.