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"What do you think you are doing, Sirena?" Jacquetta demanded. "Doing what is right," the callous Mermaid answered. "Handing you over to the King so he will leave us alone." "You vile treacherous milky-eyed bitch!" Jacquetta snarled. "You really think James will spare you? He hates anything that does not agree with him! Magick does exactly that - not agree with him." One of the Mermaids smirked. "Too bad she is his mistress."

The Empire Carpet Man: His Life and Times Plus the WGN-TV Director Who Did 200 Spots with Him Talks WGN-TV's Marcus LeShock gives a wonderful obituary on Elmer Lynn Hauldren AKA the Empire Carpet Man...including a funny anecdote from the WGN-TV Director who directed over 200 of Mr. Hauldren's commercials.