If you're a big kid who used to bin your packed lunch and spend all your pocket money at the tuckshop then you'll enjoy these retro treats - space dust, wham bars, sherbet fountains, fruit salads, drumstick lollies and all the other tuckshop treats you can think of!

Omg we need this!! Wham Bar Cross Stitch Tapestry Kit - Design Copyright Jacqui Pearce - shop at JacquiP.com

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the homemade Superhero party bags in action. Each contained a slice of cake, a wham bar, a superhero lolly and the masks they made.

Wham Bars are a retro favourite, they are zingy, sherbet bars with a delicious raspberry flavour. We have almost kept the price retro too!

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Wham Bars Original x 20 Raspberry flavoured tongue tingling chews with little fizzy bits embedded in the chew bar http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/december-2016-5/wham-bars-original-x-20.asp

Ultimate Retro Box 2 Each box contains: 1 bag Pear Drops / 1 bag Harribo Jelly Babies / 1 bag Rhubarb & Custard / 1 bag Harribo Heart Throbs / 1 bag Harribo Jelly Beans / 1 bag Rosie Apples / 1 bag Black Jacks / 8 x Anglo Bubbly / 10 x Flying Saucers / 1 x Wham Bars / 1 x Refresher Bars / 1 x Dip Dab / 1 x box Toffee Poppets / 3 x Jazzles / 2 Bags Rainbow Drops / 2 x Chuppa Chupp Lollies / 1 Pack Chewits / 10 x bananas / 2 packs Maoam Chews / 2 x packs Fizz Whizz / 1 x Freddo Frog / 1 x…

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