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List of Adjectives

This could be used at home to help students with their homework when writing sentences. This is a perfect page for your child to use as a visual to improve their sentences as they are writing. As I started to teach adjectives in my classroom, I felt like my students needed a visual to remind them of what an adjective is.

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Stretch A Sentence Chart Gr 1-3

Did this with the boys. They had a blast with it! I split the "who" into 2 sections: "who", and then "what kind". So you start with a noun, then add an adjective to it, then continue with the rest of the chart.


How much longer? She thought as they trudged on down the bland desert road. She adjusted her pack and sighed. What a mess she'd gotten into.


Spanish Adjective Song from Spanish the easy way! on - (18 pages) - Learn Spanish adjectives easily with a song! Do you still find yourself singing the alphabet song when looking something up in a dictionary? What about using a song or rhyme to remember which months have 30 or 31 days? We all have learned this way! An


How to Place Adjectives in Order| The English Student. This blog post contains an easy-to-understand explanation of the rules for correctly ordering multiple adjectives being used to describe a single noun, as well as the above visual aid, example sentences, and a short self-quiz for students. This could be valuable for helping higher proficiency ELLs understand this slightly tricky nuance of English.