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Just for the record the weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of A. Indifference or B. Disinterest in what the critics say.


What we call "Veterans Day" today was originally "Armistice Day" marking the day WWI ended. In this photo Americans celebrate news of German surrender on Wall Street November 1918.


Nick Fury has got his arm around Natasha like she's the mother of his child and Tony Stak is that child and they've just heard the news about what Tony did at school today and they don't know how to best discipline him or how they managed to raise such a failure of a child. {Is that not the plot of Iron Man 2?}


YouTube: During a 5 minute meeting with Qatar, she received a $100 MILLION donation to her foundation. In exchange for what? IF...IF Killary is elected, she will open our borders and sell America out to the highest bidder. Do not be deceived. She does not love America or its people. She loves only MONEY AND POWER. She calls blacks "super Predators", handicapped children "retards", and Trump supporters, "deplorable". WE ARE AMERICANS!


Seems like the new Overwatch hero, Sombra, leaked. Is this a true? its fake? What you guys think about evil Laura? lol I must say, I was pretty hyped by the ARG and didnt wanted a leak from Sombra,...

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Trump Exposes What Hillary Wrote During Debate After He Snuck A Quick Look

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