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What Are Mild Flu-Like Symptoms?

16 Silent Signs of Leukemia You Shouldn’t Ignore Leukemia, or cancer of the blood cells, causes subtle and surprising symptoms throughout the body. The are clear signs you need to get checked.

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What is Keto Flu & How to Help!

Symptoms of Keto Flu: Keto flu is the name given to a set of symptoms some people experience when first starting keto. It’s not actually a flu and definitely not contagious, but it can become quite tiring. Keto flu symptoms are very similar to that of your regular flu and can last anywhere from a day to a few weeks! You may experience fatigue headaches cough sniffles irritability nausea Many people who experience these symptoms in the beginning of their ketogenic diet will believe the…

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Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance, Plus How To Solve It

How do you know when it’s time to speak with a doctor about whether or not you might have an electrolyte imbalance? This is a great graphic with a lot of symptoms, signs and what to do! Dr. Axe

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Elderberry Syrup Recipe [VIDEO]

Elderberry syrup has long been used in folk medicine to boost immune function, alleviate cold and flu symptoms, and reduce sinus congestion. Here's how to make it.

Boogers. They have a job to do. But what does the color really mean? #infographic
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What the Color of Your Snot Really Means (Infographic

Boogers. They have a job to do. But what does the color really mean? #infographic


We all know clove is a staple of wintertime recipes, including desserts like ginger snaps and pumpkin pie. Clove is also used as a warming herb...

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What to Do With Elderberries

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Flu During Pregnancy - Natural Remedies

Oh no! You feel flu-like symptoms creeping on, and you’re pregnant. What's a natural mama to do? Here are natural remedies to treat (and avoid!) the flu.

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5 Natural Ways to Prevent the Flu

Flu symptoms don’t rear their head until about 1-4 days after you have been exposed to the virus. Instead of loading up of medication containing who knows what here are 5 ways to protect yourself from catching the dreaded germs in the first place.