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I Love You, America, But This List Should NOT Make You Uncomfortable

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New TED-Ed Video & Lesson: “What are the universal human rights?” | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

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This makes me want to have kids. Kids that understand and value every single person on this earth for what they are - equals.

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It might not seem revolutionary now to say "women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights"—but in 1995, in China, it was. Hear Hillary describe what it was like to stand behind the podium and say those words.

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"What are Human Rights?" Lessons for Kids

I really enjoy this poster as it encourages students to not discriminate people, showing that we ultimately hold the responsibility to respect the rights of others. I would use this poster as an entry point for students to look at current issues, such as #BlackLivesMatter, and see the unethical and immoral acts people partake in when in the possession of power.

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Nothing wrong whatsoever with a father and son relationship that's more hands-on. If we can hug and comfort them when they're a toddler, we can hug and comfort them when they're thirty!

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How often do we play into the way our culture labels ourselves and encourages us to label others?

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A half-century after the struggles of my Hippie Trails novels, the cause is far from over. If anything, the stakes are only higher. ...

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