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Former CIA agent Bob Baer also confirmed that ISIS cells are already in the U.S., and some of members have already entered by crossing the Mexican border.

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Where are migrants coming from? Where are they going? What’s next? What are refugees? Background and teaching resources from the National Geographic Education Blog.

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Though the majority of Syrian refugees have fled to Europe, many other countries have also provided support for asylum seekers.

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As Hungary tries to close its border to stop the arrival of thousands of asylum seekers, Europe's strategy for tackling the refugee crisis is falling apart.

Muslim Welfare ‘Refugees’ Trash Nearly $2 Million Home They Are Living In For Free And Laugh About It |

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So What Are These “Proprietary Documents” the US State Department is Talking About (and denying you)? « Refugee Resettlement Watch | 5.6.15 | "We are the taxpayers. We are paying for all of this refugee resettlement. Other than perhaps the individual names of the refugees, why should any of the documents be “proprietary,” but that is what staff for Secretary of State John Kerry is telling Rep. Trey Gowdy, here.***" "“Funding proposals to PRM [US State Dept. Population, Refugees and…