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from Nat Geo Education Blog

Migrant Crisis Q&A

Where are migrants coming from? Where are they going? What’s next? What are refugees? Background and teaching resources from the National Geographic Education Blog.


Everyone's heard about the refugees but how can we help them? From across the world, what can we do? Here are 8 suggestions for you to take action!


NATO warmongers tell their puppet Porky Poroshenko to abide by Minsk agreement. What does NATO have up its sleeve? -

There’s been no indication that it was a big deal because YOUR department still has not been forthcoming in producing the documents that we...

from Samaritan's Purse


I have never felt so conflicted about anything. The refugees that my family sponsored years ago are some of the best humans I know. It hurts my heart. I pray, all I know to do.


40 Ways to Help Refugees in Your Community | Mormon Channel. This could be incorporated into the service challenge we are giving to the youth for the remainder of the year. Also ties into the lesson "What is the Lord's way for providing for the poor and needy?"

from The Independent

The image from Kos that's making people rethink their views on migrants

Kos crisis: The story behind the photograph of a Syrian father shared by thousands online - Europe - World - The Independent


What are your thoughts on this? This should encourage some discussion!

Here are new additions to The Best Sites For Learning About World Refugee Day: Passport, lifejacket, lemons: what Syrian refugees pack for the crossing to Europe is from The Guardian. The Global Re...


The Withdrawal of US Soldiers from Iraq Brings Back the Islamic Terror Group Al-Qaeda