What Causes Autism? I love this. I have never felt the need to blame something for my child's autism. It is just who he is and how he was meant to be.

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ADHD and Autism are both mental disorders that cause focus and behavioral issues – but the similarities end there. See the differences between these two conditions in this simple infographic.

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In the five years since the link between autism and vaccines was proven to be based on fraudulent data, study after study has proven that vaccines are not to blame for autism spectrum disorders. But what they haven't done is explain what does cause the

Raising Asperger's Kids : Guest post by a mother who potty trained her non-verbal severely autistic daughter. So encouraging!

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This Mom Says She Knows What Causes Autism, and Whoa - I Think She Might Be on to Something - For Every Mom. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/sostherapy/.

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Emotions game- the kids loved these more than I thought they would! We did a whole lesson where we mimiced the emotion and where we talked about what caused the emotion. Afterwards I put them out for free choice with mirrors and a dry erase board and the students played with them for a LONG time! success!

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The Low-Carb Diabetes Plan That Works http://www.prevention.com/weight-loss/diets/low-carb-diabetes-diet

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