20 Pain Cures You Can Find in Your Kitchen. Several pantry picks can actually outperform common meds. Here’s what you need to know.

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Think all sagging stomachs are the same? Think again. Your specific tummy type might be caused by alcohol or stress. A tummy caused by wine sticks out mainly at the front while a bloated stomach feels hard to touch

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The only issue is being lactose intolerant on top of this disease. That and I have GERD. Some days are worse than others and some days I feel like no matter what I eat I'm miserable :(

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Gastroparesis ‪#‎GastroparesisAwarenessMonth‬ Day 6 ‪#‎Bloating‬ & ‪#‎Distension‬. With ‪#‎Gastroparesis‬ the feeling of bloating can happen frequently and on top that, your stomach can actually become distended! Depending on the severity of symptoms and what you may be able to eat can cause your stomach to distend a little or to the point a looking pregnant. There’s no one way to fix the distension & bloating. We need ‪#‎awareness‬, we need a cure. ‪#‎CureGP‬.

It's time to de-puff that pooch! Bloating is fluid building up between cells in the body, and can be caused by poor digestion, too much sodium, or your period. But if you pay attention to what you're eating, you can usually avoid it. To stay in bikini-ready shape all year long, try these bloat-busting items.

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Well, thanks for telling me NOW that apples and mangoes are high in fructose. On top of that, citrus (tomato and orange) can make me bloated and gross. Great, so these past couple weeks have been solved. Let's see what we can do about this. I have a week. We can work it out! God, please. This is torturous.

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Activated Charcoal- The Lifesaver That EVERYONE Should Have In Their Home. We talk about detoxing a lot- removing heavy metals from the blood stream, killing candida overgrowth in the digestive system, eating to eliminate odor causing body odors, detoxing to boost immunity, etc. What we haven’t really talked much about is emergency detoxing- as in removing something toxic before your body absorbs it and causes harm, even death. Let us begin by saying…

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Foods to eat after chemotherapy: http://www.livestrong.com/article/99465-foods-eat-after-chemotherapy/

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