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Surprising Facts About Dandruff

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26 Easy DIY Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Dandruff Fast

Is dandruff your everlasting problem? Fear not! These quick and simple tips give you everything you need to stop dandruff. Know what is and what causes dandruff and choose the best treatment from the list...


Peau sèche, eczema, dartres, pellicules... et si l'eau de la douche était en cause ? La solution n'est pas que dans les cosmétiques. Depuis que j'ai installé un filtre de douche cela a fait une grande différence pour moi / Dry skin, eczema, scabs, dandruff ... what if the water in the shower was a cause ? The solution is not only in cosmetics, give a try to shower filters, it made a HUGE difference for me.