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What causes pneumonia? How To Treat Pneumonia

There is not just one primary cause of pneumonia. This illness can actually be brought on by different types of germs, including viruses, bacteria,…


Roots - trees have them. Plants have them. Weeds have them. In the case of weeds if you want to get rid of the weed permanently you have to pull the weed out by the roots. If you just cut off the stem and leave the roots in the ground then the weed will grow back. It's the same with medical problems. They have root causes...the problem that's at the foundation of what's causing the illness. For example if you have a pneumonia the root cause of the problem may be a bacterial infection. If…

What Is The Symptoms Of A Chest Cold?

Pneumonia: Is It Contagious? What Causes It?

What Causes Post-Pneumonia Fatigue? | The Pneumonia Doctor

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The Facts On What Really Causes Pneumonia

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7 Reasons You Can't Stop Coughing

A cold virus - Is your cough caused by a cold virus, post-nasal drip, pneumonia, or something else entirely? Whether you're suffering from a dry cough, persistent cough, or chest congestion, use this guide to determine what's triggering the annoying symptom. Plus, experts share the best home remedies for coughing to help you feel better, fast.