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I'm so proud of both of them. Josh, for facing his anxiety and speaking in front of so many famous people. He is a symbol, one that broadcasts the message that you are you, you can do and should do what you think is right. Tyler, for battling his depression and fighting off his demons. He is an idol to so many, inspiring them to stay alive- not only to survive, but thrive- in their surroundings. They both did things that a few years ago they thought were nearly impossible.


Gerard: So you both fought because of what he said? //// Frank: yeah we fought he was talking about the band when we were going to stop because we were tired and then he said he was tired if handling the kids by himself//// How did this start Frankie?/// Frank he asked if I really loved him I said yes and he said that he wanted out of the spotlight and that when he asked about the band breaking up//// *sighs*..... Maybe that isn't a bad idea


argh I liked Tamlin "the tool" back them but Rhys also intrigued and kind of had a pull in me. So I didn't had a ship formed back them. ps: I kinda of hopped the "mate theory" in the end of acotar was true, so I think I was a Rhys shipper without realising it.


Tyler deserved more than what the writers did to for the past few seasons

Sebastian is a baby cinnamon roll which makes sense because Lin is the linnamon roll


Hahahaha good point! Thor & the first Cars movie have the same plot

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35 Awesome And Inexpensive Harry Potter Gifts

Butterbeer lip balm for when you're too swamped to attend student night at The Leaky Cauldron.


Rhysand by PoJainter. ACOTAR. ACOMAF. ACOWAR. A Court of Thorns and Roses. A Court of Mist and Fury. A Court of Wings and Ruin. Sarah J Maas