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What Do Kittens Eat


Helping a Baby Kitten Pee

Newborn kittens need help urinating and defecating. Mama Cat takes care of that, stimulating them with her rough tongue. If something happens to the mother and you need to feed young kittens, you'll also have to stimulate the excretory process. Fortunately, there's no tongue involvement necessary.


Just over 3 years ago, my husband calls me outside . . . "I think we have a problem," Bill says. As he lifts up the edge of a large plant, I see a pile of newborn kittens. What to do? Well, put out some food and see who momma is. Pretty soon, we spy a fluffy tuxedo cat creeping up, eating, and then going to the kittens...


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Kitten Licking Fingers of Woman Finger Licking If your cat makes a habit of licking your fingers, there are several possible reasons. The first is that your cat simply likes the taste of your sweat or hand lotion. In some cases, licking can be a comforting behavior; it may be linked to nursing. If your cat licks you excessively and shows other signs of anxiety, check with your vet.


In the wild, a mother cat hunts to feed herself and her kittens. As the kittens grow, they watch her and try to mimic her until they can successfully feed themselves. In the kitten room, the babies won't need to hunt, but they will watch their mom eat, play, groom, and use the litter box. I love seeing kittens' clumsy efforts at doing what mom does.

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Goliath eating a canary zombie psycho kitten pussy cat

Goliath eating a canary zombie psycho kitten pussy by UndeadEd Size: 8" inches round I recently found this cat who was real cute and simple at a local pottery store. I knew instantly what I wanted to do! I decided to make a psycho cat and my girl friend named him after her cat Goliath. Well this big guy just ate a canary so he is very happy! Comes with a certificate of authenticity


Ignorant people. My rottweiler honestly likes to play with the kittens a few houses down, the kittens' owners have no problem with it