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What Do Skunks Eat

from Plenty Woman

It’s Never about the Centerpiece: The Anxiety of Entertaining

Andy and I planned on going to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. Those plans changed in the sweetest of stomach-turning ways – skunks moved in under their house and sprayed the place. It seeped into pretty much everything and lingered for days. Rather than go there for dinner, his parents said they’d just pick food up and bring dinner to us. All we had to do was provide the place to eat it. About that.

today we planted sweet peas + trapped a skunk that was eating our broccoli without getting sprayed #winning

Red Panda: Red pandas primarily eat bamboo leaves as well as berries, blossoms, bird eggs, and various plants' small leaves. Their broad teeth and strong jaws allow them to chew bamboo's tough leaves and stalks. They also have a small, bony projection on their wrists that helps them grip bamboo stalks. Giant pandas also have this thumb-like adaptation.


The Racoon family liked watching the Gnomies leave for work everyday. They're bubbling over with excitement. All these racoons want to do is find things to play with, tear apart or eat. They favored Gnome mans land neighborhood above all others.


Squirrels always fascinate me. They will come right up to your door if you offer them some nuts, but don't start if you don't want them to keep coming back...