Being short or petite does not mean that you lose hopes! We are sharing with you some life changing fashion tips for short girls that will surely amuse you.

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It's true tho

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"Does my pain amuse you?" I ask through gritted teeth. "No, it doesn't. But the fact that you still managed to hit the target amazes me."

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After reading this, I completely forgot who Will Smith is. What is that name. What does it mean.

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Really? African proverb? According to whom? Furthermore, lets stop referring to things as simply African. It'd be as silly as referring to something as simply Eurasian. If this quote does legitimately hail from Africa, what country or countries?

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funny+road+signs | Rambu-rambu jalan yang gokil - Ceriwis - Indonesian Community

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27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand. I know that not all anxious people are introverts, and not all introverts are anxious, but there can be quite a bit of overlap.

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