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What Does Anti Mean

Anti-vax meme at the top - rebuttal at the bottom. Children DO need vaccines, and "doing the research" does not mean "reading conspiracy websites". Pinned by RtAVM


Short skirts don't rape. Rapists rape. The problem is big. The attitudes are small. The change starts with you. Are you a part of the problem?

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She Rubs Coffee Grounds With Coconut Oil Under Her Eyes. Why? This is BRILLIANT!

How to get rid of those dark bags under your eyes … with coffee beans! {Probably the easiest solution}


Some say that discriminating against men does not amount to sexism. I get what they mean: in many ways, women deal with more sexist stuff on an everyday basis than men, so sexism against women and sexism against men cannot really be compared. However, this does NOT justify insulting all men. Basic rule: do not insult a entire group of people. Seriously.


It says, "What if I told you ProBlack does NOT mean Anti-White?" It doesn't mean anti-anything. It just means for Black empowerment and pro Black unity, and pro Black intellect. Just like every other race. Nothing different.... Very true indeed

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3 Fotos que nos deberían ayudar a no decir nunca más ‘Ella se lo buscó”

What a woman is wearing does not mean she's asking to be a rape victim.


If it can't acknowledge that Jesus came in bodily form/in the flesh, and came from God, that person is not of God! It's an antichrist spirit because its anti meaning opposite such as also against, and opposes something or someone like for this example,Jesus . An antichrist person will do this by actions also. They have no light in them from God. It doesn't mean they are without hope, keep them in prayer! The effectual prayers of the righteous avail much.


Korean beauty Tony Moly Dust and the City. Three-in-one shield mist SPF8 Hello Sweeties! How are you? How is your weekend? Fall has made its entrance this weekend humid chilly rainy weather mostly gloomy. That's it! I guess we have un-oficiallychanged season! In spite of it there are some reflexes a beauty addict should never lose like using SPF products and protecting your skin from nasty pollution whatever the season is. Today I'd like to talk to you about a product that I've been…