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What Does Anti Mean

What is an anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation is the root of so many healthy problems. Here's why with 7 steps to eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

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Anti-vax meme at the top - rebuttal at the bottom. Children DO need vaccines, and "doing the research" does not mean "reading conspiracy websites". Pinned by RtAVM

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What does it mean when a food label says "organic?" The definition depends on the food.

What Does it Really Mean When Food is Labeled as ‘Organic’?

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Yes!!!! Good heavens! I think that's what gives feminism such a bad wrap. Not to mention it's extremely hypocritical.

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Short skirts don't rape. Rapists rape. The problem is big. The attitudes are small. The change starts with you. Are you a part of the problem?

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Equal Rights. Ridiculing ideas is what makes progress. So if I offend some of you I don't mean to offend you personally - I may offend some of your ideas but that doesn't bother me at all. In fact, if you confront my ideas it will lead to a discussion. What does offend me of course is offending personal freedom and equal rights.

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