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What does cue mean

AAC Prompt Hierarchy -- what does "minimal prompting" mean? How much hand-over-hand is happening? Take a look at this prompt hierarchy and look for ways to scaffold our AAC learners to become less prompt dependent.

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(2016-02) Promptinghierarki til AAC-kommunikation ... kan fint overføres til kommunikation uden 'hjælpemidler'

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S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #73:Yes, this is highly likely to be one of the most interesting workplaces in the world. No, that does not mean suggesting the filming of a reality show here.

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Poor Remus. Honesty moment: I still have no clue what the veil is. What does it mean? Is it supposed to be shrouded in mystery? Does it represent death?

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Intuitive Eating: The Beginning

As challenging as it can be, it’s worth the effort to move from a diet mentality to attuned eating (also known as intuitive eating), in which you honor you body’s internal cues for hunger at satiation as you decide when, what and how much to eat. Here are some of the wonderful shifts that take place as people truly let go of dieting behaviors.

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Get To Know What Colors Mean Feng-Shui-Wise In Your Life ~ this great colour chart is does not seem to be linked to anything...

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