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What Does Dapper Mean

from Dappered

Combat Gent Suit Review – In Person

DAPPERED: Combat Gent Suit Review – In Person--- “Not for the uninitiated.” That’s what the tag on the inside lining of a Combat Gent suit reads. But what does that actually mean? It sounds good, and it looks just fine on the inside of the jacket, but what does that really mean? It’s a little foggy. And that lack of clarity, while still looking/sounding better than average, pretty much sums up Combat Gent Suiting.


This Year's Met Ball Is "White Tie." What Does That Even Mean?

The Met Ball Is White Tie This Year—But What Does That Even Mean?

"What does music mean to you? What would you do without music?" - Duke Ellington My list: Blues Im Orbit And Money Jungle with Charlie Mingus and Max Roach