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What Does Desolate Mean

Desolation | Shattered hope | What does this place mean to the person standing in the doorway? Is this a home that he left? Or is this the castle that his mother told him stories about? Did he expect to find it in ruins? | What did he hope to find here? | Shon returning to the monastary


((Audrey Hepburn)) (Faith): its incredibly hot so pretty much all of us are in underwear. Merc hasn't let me so much as use the bathroom alone since my incident and she's insisted on handcuffing me to her. ((Closed @DeanKOTD ))


While many people have quit smoking or drinking by the power of the human will, the problem of the heart and tongue cannot be solved by human will power. It takes the power of the resurrected Christ within us to control the tongue, and that power is available only to those who turn their lives over to Him (Romans 8:10–14). As with so many things in life, “with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).


The Northern coast of Peru is comprised primarily of vast expanses of sparsely inhabited deserts and desolate beaches. One morning I left my van at a sleepy fishing village and went on a jog with Lorenzo down one of these beaches. Lorenzo would run up ahead get distracted by some scurrying crabs and then catch up to me after hed chased them into their tiny holes in the sand. When we came to the base of a shorside cliff I turned the corner and what I saw on the other side gave me pause…

What Does Resident Evil 7 Mean for the Franchise’s Future? #ResidentEvil

I don't like her. She is mean for leading on Legolas and Kili at the same time. Everyone thinks I am shallow for these thoughts about her but honestly I think she's an annoying pill who does nothing but add drama. Unwanted, useless drama, used to just make the movie longer. She's nothing but reassurance that the LOTR\ Hobbit movies are not sexist. But if you can summon the dead, go complain to Tolkien because the books are HIS. And THAT is what I am Tolkien about. I'm not shire if you…