Treat compulsive eating by taking the power away from food --- Am I a compulsive eater and if so, what should I do?? What does it mean to be a compulsive eater? Well, I start by asking this simple question, "Is food more powerful than you?" If you asked yourself and the answer feels like a yes, then you may be a compulsive eater.

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Readiness at His Return Krista Williams Matthew 25:13 (NIV) Therefore keep watch because you do not know the day or the hour. Jesus is coming back! Oh what if it were today? The thought of His return makes my heart leap with joy! How about you? If Jesus returned today would you be ready? While no one knows the day or hour we should live with the anticipation that His return could happen at any moment. Jesus tells us we are to keep watch and be ready. In fact Jesus wants to be so sure we…

I feel like it's Mama vs. The Peggy Monster at the moment. I have only had two children granted but I feel like Daisy really does struggle with her teeth. I've found our tape measure so I'm going to measure her ankle for an amber teething anklet today. She cries out at night and the only way to calm her is for me to hold her close. I find it tough because our bedrooms are all quite close together so I don't want to wake her big brother when he has school the next day. I feel so frantic. And…

A to Z of Half Term what does Half Term mean for you or Easter Holidays? Fun or Frantic; Daring or Disastrous - just a bit of fun!

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My Satiric Look at what might happen if I --gasp!-- locked the bathroom door. "What does it mean to live in a country where mothers feel they deserve to be alone in the bathroom? I ask all of you this: what does it mean?”

"Oh, what a cute little mouse!" "It's not a mouse! It's a marsupial called an antechinus." "Sorry, evolution, my mistake. Still cute, though." "Isn’t he? And he’s excited, because he’s almost eleven months old, and that means he finally gets to start mating." "Aw, that’s nice." "He’s going to run around getting it on with as many females as he can for the next two or three weeks." "That’s… nice." "And he’ll have sex with each of them for up to 14 hours at a stretch." "That’s… um…" "And he’ll…

FDA-rawsome-raid-raw-milk. Why do they have to put on these scary costumes in a group for the tiniest thing when there is absolutely no expectation of violence. I remember the look on the little Cuban boy's face when one of these is reaching out to take him to return him to his mother. One woman could have done the job without giving the child PTSD.

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