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What Does Gmh Mean

from Highsnobiety

Pharrell Releases the Shorter Music Video for "Happy"

.Leo better not dies in BOO or I will be mad he has to make it back calypso and what does "final breath mean"


Regulus Black is one of the most underrated characters from Harry Potter. I think that he deserves more attention. I mean, have you seen what he's done??


This is the best because this one is with ALL the seven. I hope Rick doesn't kill any of them. An oath to keep with a final breath could mean Gaea's promised to people that she will make a new world. What if that world is a world where she dies? Does that make sense? I don't know. But I hope none of the seven die.

from the elementary math consultant

What Really Improves Test Scores

Part 2: Differentiated Math Instruction Meeting Students Where They Are [Read Part 1 here] In order to differentiate instruction, we need to get to know our students and work with them where they are. What does it mean to

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14 Horrible Situations for Book Lovers to Be in

Yes. I need therapy. You know, I always believed that if you knew you were crazy you actually crazy...that's what I always heard...then I met Winter (TLC by Marissa Meyer). Now I know that just because I feel and think I'm crazy doesn't mean I'm not. Does that make sense?


If people ever look down upon you for crying for fictional characters you should give them a gentle pitying look & feel bad for them If they’ve never cried for a fictional character then they’ve never loved one (& what a joy that is) If they’ve never cried at a book, movie, piece of music, then they’ve missed one of the great pleasures life has to offer Just because fiction does not contain things that are real doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain truth & we find it through the alchemy of our…