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What Does Harry Mean

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Being a fan girl, I can say this is mostly true

From what I know, there are no guys like them at MY school!


She does fit in Slytherin actually. She's ambitious and not afraid to take things into her own hands (see all the assorted phones, books, and camera cards she's stolen). And like Alya said-- Slytherin doesn't mean mean.


He is a man filled with emotional damage caused by others. J.K made Snape as an example for people who have been hurt by others & instead of letting it go, they let the stupidity or the mistakes of other people infect them with bitterness. He loved Lily so much and it hurt him so much that she picked James over him. So, Snape is showing us that even when people are cold & bitter, it doesn't mean they want to be like that or that they were born that way, & it doesn't mean they are unable to…


Are we over vaccinating our kids? The answer is overwhelmingly yes! Especially when you consider that 40 vaccinations are being given to children before they even reach 2 years old. Do you know that in England the number is 25 vaccinations by age 2. Why so many are being given here is all about profits for the pharmaceutical companies & keeping you coming into to see the doctor. It's not about keeping your child safe & well.


Just watched The Hobbit 2 extended version and saw this guy. What does the White Stag means? (This is not from Harry Potters film) The Hobbit Fantasy Movie Lord Of The Rings Movies Meme

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Harry Styles' New Fern Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

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