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What Does Rogue Mean

((Open, someone be the guy? You can choose what he "really is")) I frantically run around the woods trying to find you. We were just hanging out when you suddenly got up and ran into these woods. "Alec!" I call, hoping for a response. I stop dead in my tracks when I see you. With blood on you and holding your head in your hands, I could tell you were in a lot of pain. "A-Alec...?" I say quietly "Go, leave me and run" You snap, not looking up "But-" I try to say but you cut me off "For once…


Why has Turkish Foreign Policy Gone Rogue & What does it mean for the US? -


Pass the Protein

Pass the Protein Eating healthy means learning to navigate the meat and fish counter at your favorite grocery. Here's how to optimize the fat and protein in your diet.


What does the label on your pet food actually mean? Not all terms are clear, but some are more defined than others.


The entire Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast will be returning for Episode 8. What does this mean for Han Solo now that Harrison Ford is confirmed to be in Episode 8? Will it be a flashback? Did Han Solo live? We'll have the answers in 2017. In the meantime Rogue One! #starwars #starwarsdaily #lucasfilm #disney #theforceawakens by: @starwarsdaily

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Cantina Talk: What Does ‘Rogue One’ Mean? Now We Know

Cantina Talk: What Does 'Rogue One' Mean? Now We Know | Jonathan Olley/Lucasfilm…