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What Does Sean Mean

This is what all people need to know they need to know not to be mean and stop harassing other people just for laughs that is not what the world needs this is why he does what he does because he knows what he's saying


What Is Time? One Physicist Hunts for the Ultimate Theory

In this multiverse theory, you have a static universe in the middle. From that, smaller universes pop off and travel in different directions, or arrows of time. So does that mean that the universe at the center has no time?


)O( Witchcraft is not about scaring people in any way it is understand nature and what is around you differently. Just because you do not believe in God does not mean you are evil or Devil. Witchcraft is not about hurting people. It is about living with nature and loving what is given to us. Animals, trees etc. My thoughts.


SyFys Incorporated tells a familiar story but with better looking people Its the year 2074 and the future is run by corporations and separated by two zones the safe and futuristic Green Zone and the poor slums of the Red Zone which is ravaged by climate change and disease. Ambitious and handsome Ben (Sean Teale) is working his way up in the Spiga Corp married to the CEOs beautiful daughter Laura (Allison Miller) and does whatever it takes to climb the levels even if it means…



"Game Of Thrones" According To People Who Have Never Watched It

What does “winter is coming” mean? | 21 "Game Of Thrones" Questions Answered By People Who've Never Seen It Maggy (UK): You’re not supposed to know, I think. That’s why people keep saying: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” He keeps guessing when winter is about to arrive but he keeps getting it wrong. Poor Jon.


Voight: Atwater. That was a hell of a save last night. You and Roman both. Atwater: That means a lot. It really does, Sarge. I'll let Sean know. Voight: I'll tell him myself when I see him. Right now, I need you change outta that uniform. Get your ass back upstairs. Atwater: Damn, thanks. I mean, Sarge, what I did last night I woulda done regardless. It was Lindsay. Voight: I know. (2x23)