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What Does Sorry Mean

Have you ever visited a psychic I went to see 1 today. She's an old Celtic soul . Someone I felt I've known all my life . I only spent 30 min. with her but that's all it took. She told e what I needed to hear . Yes she is psychic but she can't just come out and tell you your fortune . I think that's against some law of will. It's a rule that those with the gift must abide by. So what did she tell me She said a lot. She said that I will someday have peace in my life . Someone…

What does this mean? (Sorry I'm dumb bur need to know)

The Secret to Lifetime Fitness I consider myself someone suitable. Of course I'm not a professional world class athlete either but I've learned a few things about fitness and how to achieve the level of "feel good/look good I'm happy with. I used to be active intermittently in my early 20s until a few years back I decided to come to fitness seriously and make the necessary changes. My motive? Envy. Yes I was jealous because my boss-older woman of me-look younger than her age she felt great…

Atlus confirms Japanese Text error in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocolypse Game localization is a tough job. There are always instances where something can accidently slip by without anyone knowing. Its not a rare occurrence by any means; its just something companies hope to catch before its too late. The latest instance of this comes from the just released Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocolypsefor the Nintendo 3DS published by Atlus. Atlus recently confirmedthat during a certain boss fight you…

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Sorry, Patients: We Won’t Fill Your Prescription Here

Sorry, Patients: We Won’t Fill Your Prescription Here... What does this mean for every current patient, as well as all the rest of us potential patients?

Have you ever been cursed with bad luck If you've ever been to a casino you probably have. I'm always cursed whenever I visit casinos . I know it isn't really bad luck . It's just math &!the math is always in favor of the casino . The luck I'm talking about is more universal . Is luck really some unexplainable force in the universe ? I don't know . Maybe we'll find it one day when we smash more things in that super collider. Maybe luck will be the next unknown particle to be…


So I'm not sure if this information is somewhere and I'm just not seeing it but I had a question about being a pattern tester. I just signed up but how do I know if there's a pattern available to test? Do I get an email about it? How does this work? I'm sorry if this is common knowledge I've only been cross stitching for a little less than a year and I've never done anything like this before! Okay so heres the deal. I feel like a lot of people are jumping on this assuming that Im going to…

I'm sorry, what?. Does this person WANT to be murdered by us? LET US FIND THE IDIOT AND KILL HIM/HER!

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What Does 'Sorry' Mean - Discussing True Repentance

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....................sorry i was out of existance for a while bc i relate.... WHO DOSENT :3