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What Does Vernacular Mean

pescatarian (noun): A person who does not eat meat but does eat fish. Word of the Day for 21 August 2015. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #pescatarian


Lessinia -- Vernacular architecture scholar, Bernard Rudofsky, and his interest in "spontaneous architecture". What does it mean to be truly vernacular? This space was purely designed on site and only used materials from site. What do we gain from pre-design and far away materials? What do we lose? Is there a perfect balance?


HOME SWEET HOME, but what does that mean? Is it the size or the quality of a home which makes it special? Join me on the blog for this memory walk. Please share the blog with others and share your love with people who make a house a home.

Yep, Undoubtedly My favourite song of all times for no other song brought me more inner peace than this. Reason; does not talk about a fictional world to calm the senses but makes someone calmly reflect on the lives they lead - Lyrical masterpieces as always - from Staind...