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Do I confuse you the way you confuse me? I do get could be for me or could yes you do or it could be no you don't...often things seem so ambiguous to me... I admit I can be an analytical over thinker combined with emotion and love is most important to me so when I'm unsure I do then go into a caution mode...because I love you does not mean I know everything about you or how you are with woman or love...Note...I am NEVER confused on why or how much I love…

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Excited about my future! Excited about what God is doing! God, take me on an adventure! Fill my soul with the goodness of life, Your goodness! Take me deeper and further then I would ever wonder on my own! Three is better than two or one. Let's go on an adventure! #pumped

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5 Things you should eat in Naples (Italy)-These are at least 5 things you should eat in Naples.Naples is Naples. What does this mean? There is no comparison, because this city is unique. It combines so many opposites like no other city. Naples is a hotbed for artists and culture.

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Meet Eoin Darby, founder of Irish People Living in New Zealand Facebook page - WorldIrish

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Should I leave a tip? Is the water free? What does the waitress mean when she asks "Hat es Ihnen geschmeckt?" Lots of useful tips about eating out in Germany.

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MUST go to Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana...oh my goodness, thats gorgeous!!!

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Photo by Imants Urtans. "As she looked around her at the huge empty street, she felt very small and very alone. Suddenly exploring didn't seem that much fun anymore.

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