What does yandere mean

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Oo '' If liars must die.. then what does that mean for everyone else? Ahh.. now I see.. EVERYONE on this earth MUST die. We all are liars...waiting to die..'' Oo

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what does yandere mean - Google Search

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What does the mean and aggressive Taiga Aisaka think of you? What about the unemotional kuudere, Kanade Tachibana? Wouldn’t you love to know what the bloody yandere queen, Yuno Gasai? What about the silent dandere, Nagato Yuki? Take this quiz to find out!

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lol. omg all of these! I would totally cosplay if I had the money. bitches be critical an shit* said in a sarcastic valley girl voice

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Hahahaha I smacked Ichiya because I feel like it xD BEST ONE EVER! Though I would've liked to marry Rogue...

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