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What Emoji Is This

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20 Things I Wish I Knew Freshman Year

This is how I feel about my 's life. Btw every post that has to do emojis will have an emoji in the description

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Emoji Exit Slip

This is an exit slip appropriate for ANY lesson. Students are asked to reflect on their learning and give reasoning for it - Danielson Evaluation Criteria! Then they must explain what the objective was for the lesson and what they actually learned from the lesson.


HEY GUYS I'M BACK!!! Who missed me? Sorry. I got pinterest taken away but I'm back now! And in that time I becane a hardcore 5SOS fan, so if it looks like I'm a new fan I apologize. Bahaha but I promise I'm not! Love y'all tons!


This activity is a fun spin-off of the popular social media emojis that most (if not all) students are familiar with. Your students will be excited to complete this activity! The students will create new emojis that represent different aspects of their lives. (There is a "key" included so that the students know what to write/draw in each section.)*This file is just a small sample of my complete Back to School Resources for BIG KIDS pack.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Behavior Clip Chart Printable - Emoji Themed

This is a perfect way to enforce positive behavior in your classroom. You can choose a 5 tiered or 7 tiered chart to use. Students will love seeing these fun emojis in your classroom!What is a clip chart?A clip chart is a behavior management system that allows students to move up and down based on positive and negatives behavior.


Oh my dear LORD, that is flippin adorable!!!!!! Thank you Disney for the thing that is CUTENESS!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


Reason number 9172653536271891 why Lin is a perfect human being.