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ICARUS.1 Abandoned for decades, crew MIA, the ICARUS.1's job was to store mined minerals from the systems outlying planets and perform research duties. Many stories about what happened have become lore but Sam isn't focusing on these 'stories', the goal is the cargo and the wealth it will bring. #Icarus1 #Steam #PC #YouTube #DaliHDGaming

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The 16 greatest Reddit voting GIFs of all time

Pit: 'HADES! What did I tell you about doing that?!' Hades:'Guess what?' Pit:*Sigh* "What?' Hades:'I don't care!' <<< this comment was made by: a very creative and hilarious pinner XD

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Street Art of the Week #73 J'écris ton nom liberté

Wolność jest wtedy, gdy mogę korzystać z osiągnięć innych, mówiąc im - dziękuję!


So I'm in history and me, all the other Percy Jackson fandom members and the TEACHER had a ten minute fight over who Uncle Rick will kill off in House of Hades. It was epic. It really was. We're studying Greek mythology and whenever the teacher asks a question I'm like 'I know this! I know this!'