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I love how the snake and lion are fighting and the raven is defensive and the poor badger is just like, "What do I do?"

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Honey Badger Don't Care! This is what happens when the dependable Hufflepuffs lose their temper.

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His Honey Badger Kept Escaping, So He Set Up A Camera. What It Captured Is ASTONISHING!!

Uhm... Hufflepuff is a Hogwarts house, their animal is the badger. The house was founded by Helga Hufflepuff. It's a wizarding world family name. (Er... but don't ask me about Pokemon.)

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A senseless badger cull won't save the UK's cows

Adorable - and in danger. Keep our badgers safe in woodlands and away from the government's crosshairs.

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I am a Hufflepuff, and I am so over the comments of "Oh, you're the leftover!" or "Lol. You're in the stoner house!" ... keep pissing me off and you'll see what an angry badger can do...

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Free winter counting game for preschool or kindergarten. What fun math center or number activity!

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Mr Badger this is what dachshund's were bred to hunt for. Dachs as in badger and hund as in hound.

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