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Blackout Tattoos- The Current Trend In Body Ink

How many of us think having a tattoo is cool? Or it adds a “Yo” factor to personality? I guess, everyone in today’s world thinks like that.Tattoos have evolved as an art form over the ages from being used as identification marks to religious purpose, people have been etching tattoos into their skin since the beginning of time.However ,few Months ago a new trend was seen in the history of tattoos named as -Blackout Tattoos.What began as a way of covering up a no-longer wanted tattoo is now…

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Mulberry Blackout Fizz: Mulberry Cocktail or Mocktail

What's interesting about mulberry trees - at least around here - is that a lot of folks consider them a nuisance. They drop their dark berries on the ground, on your house, and on your car. Mulberries are sort of like tiny blackberries, which means that they stain. That means that foraging for mulberries is basically a public service.

Blackout poetry~ What an impressive and creative idea. I never thought of doing something like this. Making these is like putting together a puzzle. Plus, it's a lovely way to stitch together a little fantasy story and get yourself in the right mindset to create some cool art.


Day 27: Personal Symbol and Blackout Poetry | English 8

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Build A Blackout Survival Kit » Nature Moms

Having a blackout kit is one of those things that just makes sense for any and every household. Here is what you need to make one.

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Visual and Found Poetry

"visual and found poetry/ now this is something I am going to try! I love it!" I had honestly never even heard of this before, let alone thought of it. What a fantastic innovation! What a great idea to get students writing poetry and (possibly) running the risk of them enjoying it!! Does anyone else see this as innovation?

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Bits of art found around the interweb (33 photos)

drip drop


Athena Lee “Athena" is an excellent drummer. She hits really hard – harder than most guys – so it’s pretty interesting (laughs). She’s independent, she knows what she’s doing behind a drum kit, and she looks way better than I do. We also have a 17-year-old son and he’s a drummer and he has a band called Blackout 101, so we can’t get away from it.”

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10 Items to Include in a Lights Out Kit

10 Items to Include in a Lights Out Kit » When the power goes out and you’re in the dark, what is the first thing you reach for? A good lights out kit has all the essentials you’ll need! » #Emergency, #LightsOutKit, #Preparedness


Tyler Oakley, John Green and a Tumblr blackout