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What is a fern

How Important is Pretty?

How I love ferns...have quite a few in our yard, inside the house, and some framed on the wall. I love this arrangement.


This is what I imagine the color green looks like in the pacific northwest...can't wait to see it for myself!


White Chicken Chili

This white chicken chili is so rich and hearty! It's loaded with green chiles and chicken.


<< What it is to be human is just the same as to be Everest or the delicate tendrils of a prehistoric fern or the snarl-toothed jackal, For what is man but yet another breaking wave on the sea of life, save that he is uneasy and still desperately searching for a place called home >> Been glowing lately, beaming with pure life. Gratitude and mindfulness, man, that's the formula to internal bliss lemme tell ya (also I need to start posting pictures in places other than my room but tbh I always…


Limited Edition! New Satchel Ferns - Leather Camera Bag DSLR - PRE-ORDER

This bag is a PRE-ORDER and takes 2-3 weeks to make. NEW! Now you can pick your size! Get the exact same bag with flap shape on all four sizes of camera bags! See all dimensions below. Limited Edition Fern Embossed leather flap. Specs: Accent Fabric: Multi Color Tweed Leather: Embossed Fern Strap Color: Brown Waxed Canvas: Dark Oak Interior Fabric Color: Chocolate Linen To see what you can pack into each size: To p...

7 Rooms That Will Make You Want a Staghorn Fern

Move over succulents and fiddle leaf fig trees. The staghorn fern is alive and well in our design blogdom, with good reason. With large green leaves, and unusua


Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State Park Beauty often makes you quickly draw in your breath in wonder and Natural Falls State Park is no different; but what it also provides its visitors is a place to exhale. At this quiet oasis in northeastern Oklahoma, a 77-foot waterfall invites visitors to hike down the rugged trails to an enchanting basin pool. Seventeen different fern varieties thrive in the wet kiss of the cascades. Once at the base of the falls, you can drink in the tranquility of the little…


Navy door accented by a white frame and adorned with fern planters . . . makes a beautiful and welcoming entrance!