Texas Hill Country. Out camping this weekend and this is what we found. Photo was taken by my fiance from a rock ledge near yet another cave. :) Canyon Lake, TX

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Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is only 17 years old, but she has become quite a celebrity for all the right reasons. Now that her incredible effort on Dancing with the Stars is over, she is entering the fashion world with the help of designer Sherri Hill. What’s unique about this project? They are prom …Share

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McGraw-Hill Wonders --Kindergarten-- Unit 1 Week 1A refrigerator copy can be sent home to parents as a talking point on what is being taught in ELA that week. It includes: - Literature Big Book (What About Bear?)-Essential Question-Interactive Read Aloud-Shared Readings-High Frequency Word-Comprehension Strategy -Comprehension Skill-Oral Vocabulary-Phonics-Writing Trait-Grammar

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What if your reflection is not actually you, but in fact it’s a demonic creature watching and waiting. Each time you visit the mirror it get’s stronger, it learns better how to mimic you, how to be you. When it’s ready it will emerge from the mirror devouring you and taking your place. - Creepy spooky stories to give you nightmares

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Silent Hill. This place is full of horror…

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Written by Stephen King’s son, it’s one of the best books of the last 20 years. The novel is a tightly wound, unnerving psychological thriller. It’s absolutely stunning and goes so far beyond what is being published in that genre right now. It’s the only book that’s actually given me nightmares. —Tressa Eckermann, Facebook

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Lauryn Hill...Ex-Factor was the song that made me cry during a breakup in my past. She sang every single word that I felt. It was amazing and tragic at the same time. Great CD

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