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Fairy Tail Zerø: Chapter 5

This is unacceptable!!! I don't care what's the reason, but you just don't keep a nude girl in the basement...

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Keychain Flashlight

the flashlight is 10cm in length with a bright 150-lumen LED and runs on one AAA battery (not included). This powerful and tiny light Is perfect for locating key holes in the dark of night and searching for lost items in low light places. As always buyers have the option to request this item made from a different wood species than what is listed. Please note that species requests are subject to availability

writing prompt he murmured "you got any scrambled eggs?" she turned to look at me. my face obviously showed the negative answer. "Well go make some!"

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Rosa Verloop: Nylon Sculptures I don't particularly like these... but what a cool idea.

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"All life has value." She snapped, stamping her Ugg clad foot on the tile floor. So she's one of those people. "Did Hitler's life have value." I asked turning to face her with one eyebrow raised. "Uhh.." Hmm, "That's what I thought."

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"I met Kat and you didn't?" "Yeah pretty much." "But how...? I mean he's pretty hard to miss." "He freaked me out." "He freaks everybody out."

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With nothing but sorrow in his mind and a heavy heart, he took the elixir from the old hag and swallowed it with a shrug. What else did he have to lose?

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