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What Is A Manager

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Social Media Manager: cosa fa e come diventarlo

Cos'è il Social Media Manager? Come si diventa? È un lavoro appagante? Intervista a Davide Licordari, Giuliano Ambrosio e Valentina Vellucci.


Every job has its tools and one of the biggest money suckers for a stage manager is their kit. What’s a stage manager kit? Well, it harkens back to the idea that a stage manager is the person who is “absolutely responsible for absolutely everything” for a production… which is an over or under simplification…


One athlete stages a protest and the mainstream media is in a frenzy for days. Thousands of Native Americans protest and there is a complete media blackout. | Wake up people, the news you see is managed and is little better than propaganda anymore!

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How to Get More Blog Traffic Using Social Media

Wondering why your social media following is at a standstill? What about your blog traffic? Not budging? Join my FREE 30-Day Social Media Challenge to change that!

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Influencer Marketing 101: What is a 'Social Media Influencer' and How Can They Help Your Biz?

Influencer Marketing 101: What is a 'Social Media Influencer' and How Can You Work With Them? | With the rise of social media comes the avalanche of social media influencers. Replacing traditional celebrities and reinventing the meaning of edorsement and affiliate marketing, influencers are taking the internet my storm. Read my influencer marketing 101 guide to find out how to use influencers strategically for your small business. Don't forget to save this pin for later and grab your free…


As promised, I made sure to photograph almost every place we visited on our recent trip to create a guide to what I think I can safely say is one of my favourite cities. I was overwhelmed with the amount of recommendations and cool places I found online before heading there, I knew there was no way I’d be able to hit them all on one weekend, but we managed to squeeze a fair bit in as you’ll see from the snaps below.

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What Is Your Organization’s Social Media Workflow?

I'll argue that Blogging feels like it takes ALL the time, but this is a good view of social workflow.


Finally, a new imagine! I think this one is really cute. What do u think? _______ #dracomalfoy #dracoimagine #dracomalfoyimagine


Infografía en inglés de como gestionar la reputación en redes social e Internet