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"Many adults I work with talk about how the water is a magical place for them, where they can escape day-to-day stress," says Alexis Keto, head swim coach and aquatic director at Colorado Athletic Club at Inverness, in Englewood, CO. If that doesn't sound enticing enough to make bathing suit shopping worthwhile, we're not sure what is. But if you feel more like a mere mortal than a mermaid in the pool, here's the likely reason: It's your breathing. Having to think about this automatic…


Line up of Disney princesses It's like every crazy messed up outfit idea anyone has ever thought of for a disney princess and Ariel as a mermaid, chilling out in the background. I mean, what is Pocahontas even wearing? And what did they do to Mulan? Some of these girls need to just put down the bedazzled and capes and walk away. Just... What? This is wrong! This is sacrilegious!!


Here is a mermaid tail cocoon pattern that gives the illusion of scales without all the bulk of actual crocodile scales!! It works up quickly and has three different children’s sizes. What is more fun than to curl up with your favorite book in such a cool blanket!!! You can also stitch up the cute little “starfish friend” to accent the front!!!


Mer-gagement: This is what a Little Mermaid proposal looks like

Aww, so many feels! "Daniel secretly set up a little mermaid photo shoot for my friend and I, and then showed up in the middle of it dressed as Prince Eric. I was in my mermaid tail on the riverside when he got down on…


Disney World Character Interaction Ideas Alice~“How do you do?” and shake hands. Ask Ariel if you can become a mermaid When posing with Ariel, ask if she will make a “fishy face” Ask Aurora if Philip is a good kisser Ask Belle for a book recommendation Offer to trade Cinderella one of your shoes for her glass slipper. Ask Flynn/Eugene to see what is in his bag ...and more