So who the heck is Don Pedro anyway? Well, he might be: * a prince of Aragon in the Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare * an American actor * a former governor of Guatemala * a Filipino politician

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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the horse races (1968).This looks a lot like the Hummer's built today!

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This is kind of when I saw Betty really transitioning into the wardrobe of a politician's wife. Suits her but ages her a little, doesn't it? Still really fresh and pretty. This pleated dress is one of my favorites.

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The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli: Astonishing in its candor The Prince even today remains a disturbingly realistic and prophetic work on what it takes to be a prince . . . a king . . . a president. In The Prince he envisioned would be unencumbered by ordinary ethical and moral values; his prince would be man and beast, fox and lion. This is essential reading for every student of government, and is the ultimate book on power politics.

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13 Pics That Will Restore Anyone's Faith In Cookies - Boring Pics + Epic Captions - Taste of Awesome

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What is a Politician? Teach your kids about Election Day with these read-aloud activities and meet the core standards. Duck for President and My Teacher for President.

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A person who is willing to give up their life for others is a hero. I love that firemen do what they do, but I also love their family members, as they know they may lose someone they love while that person saves someone else.

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Princess Elizabeth of Toro. When reading your children stories of Princesses show them this real Princess as well.

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.Bernie Sanders - the voice of Reason. Rand Paul (not a real doctor, BTW) - the voice of Stupidity.

.Bernie Sanders - the voice of Reason. Rand Paul (not a real doctor, BTW) - the voice of Stupidity.

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