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from Living the Sweet Wife

5 Things men want most in a wife

So I know the title of this post says, “What men want most in a wife,” but to be more realistic, this is about what men need most in a wife. Like men, there are a lot of things that we (women) would really like in a husband. Like, it’d be a huge plus if he looked like Chris Hemsworth. But that’s not really what we need in order to have a positive relationship with our spouse. If we married him, we probably think he’s pretty cute, anyway. Take a look at these 5 things a man really needs in a…

from Thyme Is Honey

Books to Read: Fall 2016


Not to be rude but you should probably try not to get in a fight with a Taurus because they wont give up until they win. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs


The more humble you are, the better chances you have with a Taurus. They need someone who is stable and quite consistent. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs


All a Taurus wants is to cuddle on the couch, eat some snacks and watch movies all day. They don't ask for much. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs


One athlete stages a protest and the mainstream media is in a frenzy for days. Thousands of Native Americans protest and there is a complete media blackout. | Wake up people, the news you see is managed and is little better than propaganda anymore!