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by 2016 I thought we would have flying cars and cool technology but instead we have killer clowns & Donald Trump running for president.


I thought I loved him but I never knew how much until we began the process of divorce. When someone does everything they can to break you, to scar you, when they seem to take pride in knowing they've destroyed you... You really see the depths of evil a person contains. And yet you still care about them? You still pray for them to find happiness? That's how I know what real love is. And I finally accept that I'm not the problem. The problem is that some people aren't capable...


Decide what is right for you before you decide what is possible. Create your ideal life in every detail. Don’t be concerned about the process of getting from where you are to where you want to go. For now, just focus on positive thinking and creating a vision of your perfect future or ours, i hope this helps getting though every day positive thinking love


My anger engulfs me at times but this I know for sure. I will love what I thought was him for a lifetime. In doing so I will shape the love I deserve into my life. Next week I embark on a whole new journey of my life. Time to get back into life, study and hopefully love. :-) I'll love you a lifetime P ! Or who I thought I loved at the very least. I'll hate who you turned out to be a lifetime but I'll always be thankful.


when actions already showed who someone is, but they keep minimising, down-playing & things just don't tie up. THEY'RE LYING! THERE'S A REASON & MEANING BEHIND EVERY ACTION! It all starts with a THOUGHT followed by a CHOICE, an INTENTION, a PLAN then an ACTION. A pattern of the same behaviour, secretly repeated over 20yrs, with the same excuses, denial, blame, lies & confusion IS A CLEAR INDICATION OF SOMEONE'S TRUE CHARACTER. Lying & hiding it doesn't change who they truly are. what's MOST…


"He [Hopper] is a real tragic figure—he’s got a lot of sadness to him, a lot of anger. A lot of times, with a character like this, you see they’ve lost a child, you see them reveal that depression early on. But what I loved about him was that he’s a funny guy. He’s sarcastic, he doesn’t take life too seriously. And I thought that juxtaposition was very real, and very true to how a human being would deal with a tragedy like that." (David Harbour, Stranger Things)